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About Us

Sauna Suits™ was started from parent company Houghton & Quilter which is run by two friends, Luke Houghton & Cameron Quilter. The two enjoyed weekly saunas and martial arts and handpicked the Sauna Suits listed based on style, user experience and functionality.  Today Sauna Suits™ has become the largest supplier of sauna suits & vests worldwide. 

Our goal is to curate the best items in sweat technology. In order to do this, we proactively search the most remote corners of the world every day and negotiate with the hundreds of merchants.

We want to give you the best and easiest shopping experience possible.

Why Shop With Us?

  • Our Goal is to help you make you sweat more in style!
  • Our Store is always evolving, we make sure the shopping experience is always world class.
  • Our Service is beyond words, we always walk the talk.
  • We Care about your privacy: from the moment you land on the site and while using our products.